It is natural for gold plated jewellery to lose their colour over time due to the exposure to different chemicals, here are some tips for longer lasting jewellery:

💎 Ensure you take off jewellery when sleeping and showering

💎 Keep away from chemicals/soaps/perfume/oils/moisture and humidity

💎  Frequently clean your pieces with polishing cloth

💎  Be gentle with your pieces are they are delicate by nature


How to avoid the Green Finger

Traces of copper will be found in Gold/Rose Gold plating as this contributes to the colouring of the metal. In some extreme cases of sensitive, highly acidic skin, you may experience some slight greening. The other main cause of oxidisation is chemicals found in hand creams. This is in fact a common trait in even the finest of jewellery.

If you are allergic or sensitive to metals or have had green tainting before then you are likely to experience the same reaction. Those that are sensitive to metals should not purchase copper/brass based jewellery and instead opt for our Stainless Steel jewellery. Our 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery (all 925 Sterling Silver contains 92.5% sterling silver and 6.5% copper) which may be a better option for you if have had green tainting before.

We take no responsibility or liability for any reactions that may take place; It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all precautions are taken as we are unable to know each individual's allergies and sensitivities ✨